Meet the Students – 2013

Trent Frenkel

Trent Frankel

In August this past year, I graduated from the Fire Fighter Pre-Employment Program in Class 89. The program opened my eyes and my excitement for a career in the fire service grew instantly. I now know that every endeavour I take on will lead me to accomplish new goals and every goal I reach will create new and exciting opportunities within the fire service.

I have spent several seasons as a wildland fire fighter and if there is one thing that I can relate between that line of work and how I strive to live my life is that no two days will be similar. Just as every fire we went to differentiated from the last, I consistently try to either learn something new or push myself further than before. This was a driving factor for me to apply for the One World Scholarship: It was going to be something new, different and far beyond what I’ve experienced before in life.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I feel that working together as a team with such a great group of individuals will create life experiences that I will be able to use to better myself within the fire service and within my own personal life.

William Heng
WilliamHengOn November 30, 2012, I graduated from the JIBC Career Fire Fighter Pre-Employment Program in Class 91.  I thoroughly enjoyed the program and had a small taste of what it was like to work in the field. I learned about working with people that I have come to know and trust who put in an effort equal to my own.  I wanted a career where I can help make a difference in the community and in people’s lives.  It took a while for me to find out what I wanted in life and what I needed to get there.  The transition from my previous career to where I am now – pursuing a career in the fire service – has brought many positive effects on my personal life, well-being, goals, aspirations, and lifestyle.

A couple of years ago, I read about the One World Scholarship in the newspaper while I was still in my previous career.  I remember saying to myself how lucky those students were. When the opportunity came during my time at JIBC, I took it.  I am very excited to be going to El Salvador and will do my best when I’m there. I look forward to learning about the culture, fire service, their challenges, and how they face them. I am especially looking forward to sharing the knowledge I have gained from the JIBC program with the local firefighters (bomberos) and learning from them as well.
This is going to be a trip that I will never forget.

Elizabeth Johnston

Elizabeth JohnstonPursuing a career in Emergency Services has been the best way to further my long-held commitment to helping others. Graduating from the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) Career Fire Fighter Pre-Employment Program in 2012 (Class 89) has moved me closer to this goal, while also offering me essential skills to begin my career. I am extremely eager to use the knowledge and skills the JIBC provided me to make a difference wherever I can.

I applied for the One World Scholarship with hopes to broaden my knowledge in fire fighting both through teaching fire fighters in El Salvador and also learning from them. I believe this trip will provide tremendous learning opportunities concerning the challenges of fire fighting given limited resources. As a recipient of scholarships from the Irving K Barber British Columbia Scholarship Society and the Victoria Foundation and First Responders International Training Academy (FRITA), I feel honoured to be given this opportunity in El Salvador.

I look forward to bringing insights and learning from this trip to community preparedness and disaster recovery in my role as a member of Emergency Social Services for the City of Burnaby and in my future fire fighting career.

Kai Jones

Kai Jones

I was born and raised in Vancouver and am a graduate from the Career Firefighter Pre-employment program (Nov 2012, Class 91). Becoming a firefighter has always been a dream of mine, and last year I took the step of enrolling in the academy. I knew that the program would be physically and mentally draining, and I was up for the challenge. The program was a challenge for me as firefighting was a completely new direction. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the program and really appreciated the hands-on experience that I gained.

Since graduation, I haven’t looked back once; I am extremely excited for a rewarding career as a firefighter and know that I will be a good fit for the fire service. I made the career transition after I realized that I wasn’t fulfilled in my current career and that I would not be fulfilled in the future. I was attracted to a career as a fire fighter because I’ve always had a passion for my community and for helping others. I also enjoy a very active lifestyle and I know that I will enjoy working with individuals who are likeminded.

While in school, I saw the brochure for the One World Scholarship and knew immediately that I was going to apply. I quickly realized that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, but I also knew that it would be a challenge that I was ready for. It’s always been a goal of mine to work abroad in some capacity, and I hope that this trip is just the beginning. Through this opportunity, I look forward to learning about the fire service in a developing nation while being immersed in the Salvadorian culture. I also hope to gain a new perspective on the world and learn how we can make a visible difference for the less fortunate. As well, I look forward to developing relationships with our team members and hopefully Salvadorian firefighters, and working alongside very experienced firefighters from Canada. I also know that this scholarship will provide a great opportunity to practice my technical skills while also developing newer skills, such as instructing students. Lastly, I hope to return to Canada with a new viewpoint and I look forward to sharing my experience with my community in a positive way.


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